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 Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG)

Climate change impact, healthcare inequity, racial equity in access, and ethical supply chains are of central importance within Healthcare. Globally recognized, the ISO management standards ethically promote and structure a responsible, holistic sense of communal responsibility.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Human health and well-being have risen to the forefront of social consciousness and require actionable results on a corporate level. CSR provides the opportunity to ethically address and manage social, economic and/or environmental issues for the benefit of communities.

Information Security & Privacy

Distinctly different yet integral for system and data management, security provides overarching safeguards while privacy identifies and protects specific data sets and personal identifiable information. Policy and governance of patient data sets require a firm grasp on regulatory requirements and an experienced hand. 

Business Continuity

Disruptions come at a cost. Business continuity is managed through risk assessments customized to each system.  Understanding and planning ensure patient health and well-being are prioritized serves to certify another avenue of holistic and ethical business practices. 

Service Management

Regardless of industry, service management principles and alignment as set for in the ISO 20000 management standards provide clear and defined practices 

Management of Records Systems

Records management under regional healthcare regulations require very specific measures and should be tailored accordingly. Using the ISO 30301 MRS compliance becomes simple and managed accounting for regulatory requirements


As one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing sectors, the healthcare industry demands unparalleled competency and reliability in services. We provide guidance and support for all sectors within the healthcare umbrella and provide customized services regardless of your needs. Highly experienced in regulatory compliance requirements, we consider regional operation needs and ensure alignment internally as well as with external stakeholders. 

Services Offered

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