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 Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG)

Climate change impact, social equality, sustainability initiatives, energy technologies, and ethical supply chains are of central importance within technology sectors. Globally recognized, the ISO management standards ethically promote and structure a responsible, holistic sense of communal responsibility. 

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Human health and well-being have risen to the forefront of social consciousness and require actionable results on a corporate scale. CSR provides the opportunity to ethically address and manage social, economic and/or environmental issues for the benefit of communities from a corporate impact lens.

Information Security & Privacy

Socially prioritized by consumers, data security and privacy are sensitive topics for any business. Distinctly different yet integral for system and data management, security provides overarching safeguards while privacy identifies and protects specific data sets, proprietary and personal information. Evidencing methods and procedures for data management has never held more importance in the marketplace.

Business Continuity

Disruptions come at a cost. Business continuity is managed through risk assessments customized to each system.  Understanding and planning ensure that disruptions are minimized and operational functionality are restored quickly, efficiently, and sustainably. 

Service Management

Regardless of industry, service management principles and alignment as set for in the ISO 20000 management standards provide clear and defined practices 

Management of Records Systems

Records management requires a bespoke approach and should be tailored accordingly. Using the ISO 30301 MRS regulatory compliance becomes simple and managed accounting for internal and external stakeholder requirements. 


Financial services comprises a variety of industries, servicing both commercial and retail customer bases. Returns and compliance lead the marketplace while economic health is directly tied to the strength of the financial sector.  This dependency is a vital component of many developed economies and requires stability, predictability, and transparency. Consider the value of creating that structural integrity, increasing efficiency, and thus reducing the overall cost to the organization. This is where we can help. With a solid record, MANUS 360 strives to provide the support you need to ensure efficiency, standardization, and compliance relief. 

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